Twin Lakes raises the bar of living well south of Manila with an unparalleled master plan that makes the most of the rugged, nature-hewn land it emerges from. The community is a showcase of themed residential phases that are seamlessly integrated with expansive nature spaces, welldesigned retail, commercial and civic centers and vibrant lifestyle and leisure hubs.


The Twin Lakes hotel offers approximately 42.09 sqm to 45.69 sqm units inclusive of balconies opening up to a view of the vineyard. It has signature spa inside the building.


The Twin Lakes Shopping Village is comprised of Retail Shops, Food and Beverages/Bars, Supermarket and Welcoming Gate.


Starbucks Coffee

Bag of Beans

Silver Bucket Seafood Dining

La Creperie

Bagoong Club

7 Eleven

Hap Chan

Santis Delicatessen

Robinsons Supermarket

Amira’s Buco Tart House

Greg’s Fruitcakery

TAP Station